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Working together to ensure that

all children and families thrive.

Prenatal to 5: The Early Years Matter


Every child deserves to be happy, healthy, and have an equal chance to live a fulfilling life. The first five years of a child’s life, and even before they're born, offer the best opportunity to set the stage for their lifelong health and well-being.


Science has shown us that when we prioritize programs and policies that support the health, early learning, and relationships of young children and their parents and caregivers, everyone benefits.


Nobel Laureate James Heckman found that when families have access to high quality early childhood programs — including child care, economic supports, home visiting, preventive medical care, and parenting support — children benefit immediately and they are more likely to have better health, education, employment, and social-emotional outcomes throughout life.


In fact, the earlier that investments are made in a child’s life, the greater the impact on their future well-being.


Building Blocks of the Thrive by 5 System of Care

That’s why partners in Santa Cruz County are collaborating to achieve a shared vision of thriving children and families living in a resilient, just community. We work together to strengthen, coordinate, and promote these “building blocks” of an effective early childhood system of care, so that all children have equitable opportunities to Thrive by 5.

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